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Mazda2 review

Does the new Mazda2 stand up to the UK's favourite car (in terms of sales)...

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image for 'Mazda shows off new MX-5 chassis'

Mazda shows off new MX-5 chassis

Mazda has given crowds a glimpse of its new fourth-generation MX-5 model at the New York Auto Show, 25 years after the first model...

16 April 2014


New HAZUMI concept previews next Mazda2

Mazda has pulled the covers off its new HAZUMI concept, which is believed to preview the company’s next-generation Mazda2 model.

image for 'Carspotting - Mazda RX-8'

Carspotting - Mazda RX-8

First launched in the UK back in 2003 as a successor to the popular RX-7 coupe, the Mazda RX-8 has been described by numerous...

25 October 2012


Folly Friday: How does Mark Webber glow?; Mazdarachnophobia; EV future

This week in Folly Friday: F1 stars issue awkward get well message; Jalopnik feels effects of budget-cuts; Toyota feels the force; Mazda hates spiders...

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