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New Peugeot 208 review

The Peugeot 208 is the latest small car from a brand whose smaller models have...

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Nissan Navara crash test

The Nissan Navara originally horrified safety testers Euro NCAP so much that they demanded its recall, saying that the pick-up presented an 'unacceptably high risk of life-threating injury' and rewarding the Japanese truck with a one-star score.

Problems with airbags not deploying properly, seatblets not restraining passengers, and problems with the monocoque body of the Navara were judged so serious that Nissan actually recalled a number of vehicles.

A hasty and highly-publicised re-fit on the Navara was subsequently conducted, to NCAP's eventual satisfaction, resulting in a still-not-particularly-impressive three-star rating.

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