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G-Wiz crash test

Notorious mainly for its amazingly ugly looks and this grisly test conducted by Top Gear, the G-Wiz is a small electric car with designs on London's alt-fuel crown.

In a time when fuel prices, Congestion Charging and rising road tax are upon the beleaguered motorists, the G-Wiz could stake a claim to be a genuinely cheap drive - once you got past the steep asking price - but fell down in the safety testing area.

Since it's basically classified as a quadricycle, the G-Wiz is not required to undergo NCAP testing. With this in mind, Top Gear got hold of a Wiz and crashed it into a wall at 40mph, with the result that the little leccy vehicle is almost completely destroyed, bestowing 'serious or life-threatening injuries' on any passengers under such conditions.

At this point the G-Wiz went back to the drawing board, with the result that the electric car is now much safer.

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