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Updated Volkswagen Touareg at Beijing

Volkswagen has revealed its updated Touareg model at the Beijing Motor Show, displaying its new...

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New Mitsubishi ASX review and road test 2013

Some SUV's struggle to earn their place in a particular part of the SUV market, which can be due to its unique design, shape or functionality - or the fact that the SUV market is so vast and diverse.

However, that's not to say the Mitsubishi ASX is mediocre or inferior when compared to other SUV's.

The Mitsubishi ASX was released by the Japanese manufacturer in order to offer a vehicle with hatchback practicality as well as an SUV drive position and 4x4 capabilities. We take it for a test drive to see what it has to offer.

image for 'New Mitsubishi ASX Black 1.8-litre 2WD review'

New Mitsubishi ASX Black 1.8-litre 2WD review

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