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Vauxhall Cavalier advert: Sledgehammer

One way of ensuring that your advertising can be pinpointed almost to the minute though is to use Peter Gabriel on the soundtrack. But, for some reason, it just doesn´t seem to matter here: this is a great piece of film. But why?

The cars look dreadful: but that´s just how cars looked back then. Vauxhall´s mid-Atlantic stadium-rock sonic mnemonic (or ´jingle´, if you will) remains as cringeworthy as ever.

I think it´s probably a combination of two things: one, it´s a reminder of a time when Vauxhall was British and Clarkson hadn´t told us that it wasn´t OK to like them anymore; and two, they basically blow a load of stuff up.

And that´s always cool.

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