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New Jaguar XF advert

It's quite astonishing how well this flashy camera-work for the new Jaguar XF fits with Deep Purple's take on the classic Billy Joe Royal song 'Hush'.

It's a vaguely delirious assault on the senses with the lush images combining with the psychedelic rock of the Purple to give the impression of a dizzying journey to trip-out city.

And all the time you're left in no doubt as to what a cool car the new XF quite clearly is. It's an advert emblematic of a confident and thrusting Jaguar - recently revived by a new design direction and the promise of creative freedom under Tata Motors after the stifling hand of Ford.

It's an advert that makes people who know nothing about cars want to go out and buy the new premium saloon from Jag.

And although Jag's British heritage and the lineage of the song may be slightly suspect, it's a resolutely British advert for a British car. Achingly cool.

Thank God they didn't use the Kula Shaker music.

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