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Audi RS6 advert - Gymnastics

It's an Audi, it's another high-concept advert that doesn't seem to say anything about the car, it's another hit.

Audi is on a bit of a roll at the moment with its ads - as per the Audi R8 advert and the slick Audi RS4 Black Widow ad - and has another winner here.

Power, agility, speed - it all seems to be here. Nevermind that the car doesn't really feature in the advert, nevermind that the ad doesn't say anything about the car's abilities.

You're not buying into a car - you're buying into an idea, a lifestyle.

Audi cars are cool, and the German manufacturer it taking a tilt at BMW. Sales, brand power and marketing. They're all there. You want one.

That's why Audi can make such meaningless and high-impact adverts.

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