Written by Stephen Goldasz ▼

BMW M3 stars in live-action Grand Theft Auto 4 film

During the spring of 2013 the hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V, the latest entry in the highly popular game series, is due for release across markets worldwide. As anticipation for its release rises, a short live action flick by Gevorg Karensky has been released earlier this month, based on Grand Theft Auto 4 and featuring the exciting BMW M3.

One of the exciting aspects of the Grand Theft Auto series is all the multiple car and motorbike chases the player can get involved in and this aspect of the game amongst other things aim to be recreated faithfully in this CGI-filled movie. The popular BMW M3 (which comes into action around the 1 minute 37 seconds mark) features centrally around the film's on-road action.

WARNING - Contains some violent material and language which may possibly be deemed unsuitable for younger viewers or public viewing.