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Toyota i-Road set for limited production run

Toyota i-Road set for limited production run

Toyota has announced that its three-wheeler concept, the i-Road, is set for a limited production run, with models being transferred to the marque’s Ha:mo urban transport system trials in Toyota City.

Not content with keeping the electric personal mobility vehicle in concept form, Toyota has put its money where its mouth is and is set for a short production run of the i-Road.

The i-Road models will be added to Toyota’s prototype Ha:mo (Harmonious Mobility Network) urban transport system.

First unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this year, the Toyota i-Road is a unique and quirky model that is able to lean into corners like a motorcycle.

The Toyota i-Road is aimed solely at the urban transport market and, as such, features only five horsepower, a range of 30 miles and a top speed of 30mph.

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Geneva Preview - Toyota i-ROAD

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