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All-new Suzuki Splash prices announced

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It´s all systems go for Suzuki dealerships from 8 March as the all-new Splash mini-MPV hits UK shores from £9K.

Priced from £8,999, the four model line-up is regarded by the some as the spiritual successor to the aquired taste that was the Suzuki Wagon R+.

The well-specced 1.2-litre Splash GLS costs £8,999 and is awash with goodies including a ruck of the usual electrics, air-con and CD tuner with MP3 compatibility located on-board.

Six airbags - two of which are the full-length curtained variety – as well as ESP as standard points to the Splash being one of the best-equipped cars for safety equipment in its class.

The Suzuki Splash GLS+ adds 15" alloys, front fog lamps and privacy glass on the rear side windows and tailgate for £9,499 price tagged alternative.

Both these Swift guises are mated to the 85bhp petrol engine. Hooked up to a five-speed manual gearbox, the GLS+ also affords buyers the option of a four-speed automatic for £10,349. Through the two transmissions the engines return 51.4mpg and 47.9mpg respectively.

Should of course Suzuki Splash buyers want to reel in even better fuel returns, then the 74bhp Fiat-derived 1.3-litre DDiS turbo-enhanced oil-burner takes 62.8 miles before it gobbles up a gallon of diesel motion lotion on the combined cycle.

What’s more, the £10,499 Suzuki Splash 1.3 DDiS emits only 120g/km of carbon dioxide, thus necessitating a tiddling £35 road tax annually and meaning exemption from the London Congestion Charge from 27 October 2008.

The result of nearly four years in the styling department, Suzuki says the Splash mini-MPV is borne out of extensive research implemented throughout Europe that ultimately address the needs of an urban lifestyle family.