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2013 Suzuki C-Cross preview

2013 Suzuki C-Cross preview

Watch out Nissan - Suzuki is set to launch a Qashqai rival and has promised the brand's specialist 4x4 technology will put it at the top of the segment.

Suzuki, perhaps most famous for its off-roaders such as the quirky Jimny and the rugged Grand Vitara, plans to launch a more family-oriented car called the C-Cross this year.

It has now released teaser images of the new family crossover and plans to unveil the car at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

However, those who saw the S-Cross concept revealed in Paris in September 2012 will have some idea about what the new Suzuki model will look like.

Around the size of a normal hatchback, the C-Cross will boast bulky SUV styling including a raised ground clearance and a more commanding driving position. It will also, according to the Japanese manufacturer, offer the largest luggage space in the segment.

This means it will be more practical than the likes of the Nissan Qashqai and Suzuki hopes its four-wheel drive technology will put the C-Cross at the top of buyer's lists.

Suzuki says four-wheel drive cars are its 'specialist field' despite its best-selling UK model being the two-wheel drive Suzuki Swift hatchback.

The Suzuki C-Cross is expected to sit somewhere in between the two with a more premium, on-road-friendly design but with added traction afforded by the four-wheel drive system.

Suzuki C-Cross prices, equipment and even a full look at the near-production ready car will have to wait until March when it will be revealed as part of Suzuki's Geneva press conference.

However, pre-orders are expected to start at early as this year and drivers could be able to get their hands on the Qashqai rival late 2013 or early 2014.

Written by Stephen Hurrell

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Paris 2012 - Suzuki S-Cross crossover concept

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