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Subaru is best franchise opportunity - ITM

Subaru is best franchise opportunity - ITM

Subaru (UK) Limited has been voted the ‘Best Automotive Franchise Opportunity 2007’ by the Institute Of Transport Management.

Subaru has been singled out as the leader in helping dealers raise their profiles and further enhance service standards. They were named number one for customer service, vehicle range, aftersales solutions and overall professionalism.

The ITM says it sees Subaru as the safest investment as a new car dealership.

Announcing the award, Patrick Sheedy, Media and PR Director of the ITM said: “The Institute is delighted to recognise the improvements made by Subaru (UK) Limited in increasing its dealership profiles and providing dealers with what we believe to be the best franchise opportunity.

“Today’s automotive industry is ultra-competitive and it is imperative that the dealers have every support necessary available to them to maximise their true potential.

"A successfully marketed franchise is always going to thrive and prosper and this is what is available now to Subaru dealerships."

Meanwhile, Terry Leach, National Franchise Development Manager for Subaru (UK) Limited said: “Interest in our open points is at an all-time high partly due to the prospect of a new Impreza at the end of the year and tremendous sales growth potential offered by our first diesel engine in early 2008.

Subaru currently has 85 dealers with 28 open points spread throughout the country.