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Take a closer look at the new Pegueot 206

Take a closer look at the new Pegueot 206

The Pegueot 206, the brand´s best-ever selling model is now offered as a single model range - the Peugeot 206 Look.

With over 600,000 206s already sold in the UK and 5.4 million examples world wide, Peugeot plans to build upon their outstanding success with a new hatchback range which consists of just one single model - the Peugeot 206 Look.

The new range will replace the Urban, Verve and Sport 206 models and will fit neatly into the Peugeot range between the 107 and the new 207.

The starting price is just £8,495 on the road for the 206 Look 1.4 3 door petrol version. which brings the new 206 Look in at just £100 more than the outgoing 206 Urban, but with a higher standard of specification. The new Peugeot 206 Look sees the standard fitment over the 206 Urban of 60/40 spit rear seat, front fog lights, body coloured door handles, silver grey instrument dials, sport front bumper, body coloured bumpers, body coloured side rubbing strips and a chrome exhaust pipe.

The Peugeot 206 Look will go on sale in October, and prices will range from £8,495 for the 206 Look 1.4 8v 3-door (without air conditioning) through to £11,095 for the 206 Look 1.6 16v Automatic 5-door.