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Nissan makes voice-powered Scalextric cars

Nissan makes voice-powered Scalextric cars

How would you like to enter a race that only requires the power of your voice? Well now you can thanks to collaboration between the Voice Driver production team and the Japanese manufacturer Nissan.

Together the groups have created several 1/24 scale car models based on the Nissan 370Z sport coup, which can be remotely driven by voice command alone.

As seen in the video above a team of technicians created several scale models embedded with the required technology for voice control before placing the cars on a constructed Scalextric-style three-way circuit complete with timing sensors and other props.

The cars are then driven wirelessly with an iphone application that supports the use of various microphones.

To promote this idea further the developers of these voice-activated cars are hosting a public invited race called the Voice World Cup World Grand Prix. The event is now accepting entries and it will take place on 17 November 2012.

The race will be a time-limited 24 hour event which can be entered by PC users who can participate using their own computer. During the race the Voice Driver iPhone app will also be distributed for free to participants, but prior to that it will be made available for public download tomorrow on 10 November 2012.

The Voice Driver application was created in a one year production project and is marketed as way of getting racing enthusiasts both young and old alike immersed in the world of motorsports.

The idea of racing competitively by making pretend car sounds with your mouth may sound strange, but Nissan and the technicians behind the Voice Driver app will hope people can at least have fun with this idea.

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