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Zombie apocalypse-proof car revealed

Zombie apocalypse-proof car revealed

This is the Zombie MK1, a one-off car specifically designed by the MotorTorque team to protect its occupants from zombie attack this Halloween.

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However, those who are worried about hoardes of undead will need some engineering skills to put the Zombie MK1 together.

The Zombie MK1 is a 'cut n shut' of several cars that have been cherry-picked because their features are perfect for warding off a zombie apocalypse.

For example, the front end is that of a Suzuki Grand Vitara, a car whose EuroNCAP safety rating for pedestrian safety was described as 'dire'.

Unlike the newer Suzuki Swift, one of the best small cars on sale today, the Grand Vitara struggled in a safety test showing the effect of a collision with a pedestrian and is ideal for the Zombie MK1.

This means running over zombies to make a quick escape is easier and more damaging than before, helped out by the introduction of a Bentley hood ornament. Not only will this increase the damage, it also adds a touch of class to the Zombie MK1 and should boost residual values.

The middle part of the car uses the doors from an Audi Q5, one of the toughest cars to break into according to a recent Thatcham Security Awards. Judges praised the brand's 'unswerving commitment' to vehicle security - the German manufacturer obviously has the same fears as the MotorTorque team.

The doors will be reinforced with Jaguar's double-glazed windows as seen on the XJ luxury saloon, a car secure enough to be used by David Cameron and other government figures over the past 12 months.

At the back, the tremendous towing power of the Land Rover Discovery 4, the Tow Car of the Year according to Caravan Talk, completes the body of the Zombie MK1.

As the MotorTorque Land Rover review states "It remains a heavy duty permanent four wheel drive tough off roader with its classic upright stance and with the step-up in the rear section of the roof to give the second and third rows of passengers more headroom"

What better to allow the team to escape in comfort and travel off-road if the motorway system becomes blocked?

Those chunky wheel arches are another luxury brand, the ever-reliable BMW. The Zombie MK1 uses BMW's run-flat tyres, as seen on the X3, to ensure even burst rubber will not slow down occupant's escape.

Under the bonnet the vast 77-litre tank of the Volkswagen Passat Bluemotion complements a 1.6-litre TDI engine delivering up to 64mpg.

In a recent World Record-breaking run, the Passat recorded an incredible range of over 1,500 miles on a single tank, making it the ideal powerplant for the Zombie MK1.

Other additions include Ford's SYNC system, which brings voice-recognition to the satellite navigation and emergency call systems.

Meanwhile, the Nissan Qashqai's parking cameras, as seen in MotorTorque's latest Qashqai review, are perfect for viewing the vicinity of the Zombie MK1 for zombie movement.

Sadly, the Zombie MK1 is not available to buy and space will be limited to seven people. However, if you're serious about avoiding zombie attacks, perhaps you should consider some of the cars hacked up to create the Zombie MK1 this year.

Or, leave us a comment on how you would improve the Zombie MK1 for its 2013 refresh. What cars or technology would you use in your ideal zombie apocalypse escape vehicle?

Written by Stephen Hurrell

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