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The alternative Paris Motor Show

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We've been to Paris, blogged for 48 hours non-stop and reported back with reviews and videos. But now it is time to go behind the scenes for MotorTorque's alternative Paris Motor Show.

There were cars, supercars and concept cars, but there was also some things that didn't get the press they deserved and, for your enjoyment, here are 25 of them.

Vauxhall Adam options Vauxhall Adam options

1)Did you hear about Vauxhall's plan to introduce over one million different variations of its Adam city car once all the different colour combinations and options have been taken into account? Well, here's a quick visual guide to how to spec out the Adam, courtesy of the wall.

2)On the subject of the Vauxhall Adam, and delicately declining to publish the awful French rap that went with it, the upside-down roof Adam that trundled along in a never-ending circle made me smile upon entering the show.

The Adam The Adam

3)Vauxhall Adam colour combinations. Genius or idiocy? They include: 'I'll be Black', 'Papa don't Peach', 'Purple Fiction', 'James Blonde', 'Saturday White Fever' and 'Buzz Lightgreen'.

4)In fact, manufacturer stands were a triumph of creativity and general going-over-the-top. Here's Ford's floating balloons. No, I don't know either.

5)Meanwhile Nissan was busy confusing a tired journalist with semi-musical neon sticks that only worked sporadically. Here's me failing to complete even the simplest of tasks.

6)At least Renault's stand moved of its own accord - the floating, colour-changing bulbs hanging from the ceiling were strangely hypnotic.

Renault Twizy police car Renault Twizy police car

7)As was this, a brilliant Renault Twizy police car - outrun it for 50 miles and you win!

Truck Truck

8)Hidden away were a few real gems - like these old army trucks found in an empty corner of the show.

Volvo safety Volvo safety

9)Volvo likes safety. It is arguably the safest manufacturer in the world. Which is why it decided to cut a car in half and showcase its inflating bonnet air bags to protect pedestrians in the event of a crash.

Scalextric Scalextric

10)Citroen's turn to have a Scalextric display at the show and, just like every single time in history where the game has been used in a public event, it didn't work very well.

11)What did work was this brilliant driving simulator from Toyota, which put the drivers in GT86 and let them drive using four hydraulic platforms to simulate cushion-y suspension. The world's largest iPad (the iPhone 10?) showed viewers the driver and passenger.

Model T Model T

12)Ford Model T!

Nissan Deltawing Nissan Deltawing

13)Nissan Deltawing! How far have we come?

Jaguar F-Type Jaguar F-Type

14)The Jaguar F-Type was one of the most impressive cars on display. It was so impressive people were actually stroking it.

Jaguar book Jaguar book

15)And Jaguar's book about the F-Type was a hit, as the PR lady telling off an elderly French journalist insisted when he tried to sneak up to get a second one.

16)Honda has turned ASIMO the robot into a lawnmower. Sort of, it is using technology from ASIMO to design robotic lawnmowers.

17)Speaking of Honda that was the highlight of a very dry press conference - the only one I attended where a number of people drifted away before the end.

Civic Civic

18)This classic Honda Civic was of interest - and a new Type R may restoke the dying fire.

Dacia Dusted Dacia Dusted

19)Dacia Dusted

20)The Dacia Duster is a big, bulky SUV with a remarkably tiny gear knob.

Carspotting Carspotting

21)It wasn't just inside the show where the interesting cars could be found.

Wedding Fiat Wedding Fiat

22)Fiat's stand was packed full of fun and apparently jilted brides painfully holding smiles in their tiny Fiat 500 wedding cars. Probably.

23)At least they get a coffee maker and a sound system delivered by Dr Dre's ubiquitous Beats headphones.

Smart smile Smart smile

24)The happiest car in the world is happy.

Renault Zoe Renault Zoe

25)And Renault's electric Zoe wants you to be happy by making the air nicer for you. It'll even tell you if you're driving your lovely clean, white electric car through dirty pollution so that you can sneer appropriately. At £13,000 this is a car that does a lot. Finally an electric car that makes sense?