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Racing-bred new Skoda Fabia Super 2000

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No strangers to the world of rallying, those confectionery-lovers at Skoda are developing what would be

the icing on an already-palatable Skoda cake in the shape of the new Skoda Fabia Super 2000.

The startling-looking Super 2000 is loosely-based on the second generation Skoda Fabia. Honest. Only it appears

to have benefited from the result of someone with capacious lungs exhaling deeply into it´s tailpipe so as to

distort the wheel arches beyond all recognition. Along with other noticeable features.

Thrust toward the horizon courtesy of a powerful, naturally-aspirated 2.0-litre four-pot petrol engine mated to a

six-speed sequential transmission, the 4WD Fabia ticks all of the FIA World Rally Championship governing bodies

technical compliance boxes and is set to participate sooner rather than later.

Super 2000 refers to the WRC class in which the Czech manufacturer wish their tempting 280bhp monster to

snatch a piece of the action in.

It´s basically a race series for production-derived cars which stipulate that entrants sport no more engineering

clout or fancy gizmo´s than the Skoda does, namely 2.0 litres of turbo-free engine and not a lot else.

The Fabia will continue Skoda´s rich motorsport history going back over a century. Skoda´s design and

engineering top brass plan to race the Super 2000 on both a national and international level and there´s also

plans to offer the vehicle to private teams in the future.