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QR code scans could support car dealerships

QR codes could support dealerships

Dealerships are planning to allow customers to see videos and images of cars by scanning a QR codes while in the showroom.

The QR (Quick Response) codes, which can be scanned by a smart phone and guides people to a website, were originally designed for the automotive industry, but have also become popular outside the industry due to their fast readability and large storage capacity.

Now a system is being piloted which uses QR codes to allow customers easy access to information when looking at vehicles in a showroom.

The system is called WalkoffManager and comes from a software developer autoSLM. It works when a dealership prints a unique QR code for each model it sells on site, allowing customers to use their phone to scan for a particular car.

When a code is scanned, the user gains access to a vehicle's full data. The display can also include up to nine images and even a downloadable video of the selected vehicle.

While all QR codes work in the same way, by showing the user a URL, this can sometimes present some usability issues by trying to view a full web page on a mobile device screen.

The WalkoffManager overcomes this problem by presenting the vehicle data in a unique format, which also features a feedback/enquiry form.

According to the head of autoSLM, Alan Hazelhurst, the WalkoffManager will not just benefit customers but also dealers.

He explains that not only will it give dealers easy access to data that can increase sales, but it will give them a far better idea as to exactly how many people view cars at their forecourt.

This is because the system records the email address of every user and feeds them back to the dealer.

Motorists can learn more about this new application by visiting www.walkoffmanager.com

You can also get a suitable QR code scanner for a Smartphone at www.mycarscanner.com