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New TD 2000 Roadster turns back the clock

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The TD 2000 roadster, introduced to the UK in June this year, will be shown at the Classic Motor Show, NEC Birmingham, on 27-29 October.

The TD 2000 is imported by Lifestyle Automotive Ltd from Berkshire. Tom Martin their managing director says, “It is the first of several cars that will provide a niche franchise. We plan to set up a small network of dealers for this car and other models we are planning to import from producers around the world."

He added, “We expect to sell 50 of these cars in our first year and then up to 100 of them a year. We will also be adding hot from Brazil the Lobini HI two seater supercar to our range in Spring 2007. Following that we expect to add a further three models, one of which will be another historic car."

The TD 2000 is a stylish combination of 1950’s design and up to the minute technology, defined as appealing to those with an interest in chic elegance rather than conformity.

Featuring a tapered bonnet, chrome headlamps, leather trim and a walnut veneered dashboard, the car could easily be mistaken for a well restored original - except for its additional modern qualities. It has low profile tyres and disc brakes on all wheels while under the bonnet lurks a 2.0litre Toyota twin-cam engine capable of delivering around 130 BHP through a five speed gearbox.

The car not only turns heads because of its striking good looks but, when the pace picks up, other road users will quickly realise it´s more than a highly polished antique.

Currently hand-crafted in a small factory on the outskirts of the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, the TD 2000 retails from £23,499 depending on the chosen specification. Its origins can be traced back to when Jaguar dealer, Ross Marshall, bought the original MG TD tooling which had found its way to the USA. Thus, the TD 2000 may rightly claim genetic descent, “despite being born on the wrong side of the blanket."

Tom Martin said, "The TD 2000 is an evolutionary classic with the technological benefits and performance needed to cope with today’s mad dash traffic flow."

“Everything is on tap and the direct steering means the driver can have plenty of confident fun powering out of a corner as fast as they powered in. It certainly brings a smile to your face – just take a test drive and catch yourself in the mirror."