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Fisker unveils Atlantic prototype

Fisker unveils new Atlantic model

Luxury Extended Range EV manufacturer Fisker have revealed their new saloon, the Atlantic.

The new model, said by Fisker to be about the size of an Audi A5, carries on the design theme set out by its bigger brother, the Karma, which went on sale last year.

As with the Karma and Chevrolet's Volt, the Atlantic combines a four-cylinder petrol engine with a number of lithium-ion batteries to create a series hybrid - or 'Extended Range Electric Vehicle' - designed to give the benefits of an electric vehicle without the range anxiety.

Fisker say the Atlantic will be rear-wheel drive as standard, with an all-wheel drive option available should the customer specify it - a feature not offered on the Karma.

Very few details have been officially released as of yet, but we'd imagine that the Atlantic will feature a scaled-down version of the Karma's luxurious interior, and will be priced to sit under its sibling in the range.

With recalls and reliability issues currently blighting the Karma's name, though, the Atlantic may launch to a somewhat different reception than the one Fisker is likely to have had in mind.

A Karma purchased by American magazine Consumer Reports reportedly broke down with just 200 miles on the odometer, for example. While the issue - traced to an American battery manufacturer - has now been resolved, it's still somewhat of a PR annoyance for a company as new as Fisker.

No details release date or prices have been revealed, but Fisker are keen to emphasise that the Atlantic isn't simply a concept, and will go into production.