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Essex man builds road-legal ‘F1’ car

Bored with superminis, family cars and 4x4s? Why not build your own F1-style car like Russ Bost from Essex?

The Essex engineer decided to create his dream car after not being able to find a new model that took his fancy.

Although it looks like a standard Formula One vehicle, Bost’s car is road-legal and has license plates and a tax disc. Bost says that he uses his ‘Formula 1’ car to “run errands" in his local area of Benfleet.

According to Russ Bost, the car has a 190bhp engine, powering it from 0-60mph in an alleged 3.5 seconds.

He also said that it can fit two occupants if the airbox is removed and he even drove down to Le Mans in the car once, with a passenger and all of their camping gear – which seams some feat in an F1-looking car.

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