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Cars 'built by a madman' up for auction

Perry Watkins has a cult following in the motoring world thanks to his Wacky Races-style creations, which include the world's lowest and smallest street-legal cars.

And now the public can have a slice of automotive history as his creations go under the hammer at Bonhams on December 3rd.

His site proudly boasts that his models have been 'built by a madman'. His collection is brimming with current and previous world record holders. Take his nitrous oxide-injected V8 dining table, for instance. It's recognised as the world's fastest piece of furniture and is based on a Reliant Scimitar, able to hit 114mph.

Perry's Wind Up car looks remarkably like a Peel P50 (James Caan invested in a company to start producing them again on Dragons' Den in 2010, you may recall).The size of a washing machine, the car is actually based on a Shanghai Shenke quad 150cc automatic quad bike and is entirely street-legal.

Perhaps most incredible though is The Flatmobile. Also street-legal, the jet-powered car can achieve over 100mph, is only 19-inches high and is based on the 60s Batmobile from Adam West's Bat Man show.

The cars are already available to bid on at the Bonhams website, and have already been attracting global attention. Bids for the Wind Up start from £5,000, while The Flatmobile is listed to start at £9,000.

Tim Schofield of auctioneers Bonhams says "The vast majority of people would be hard-pushed to come up with an idea for these kind of things. It just shows what a wonderful and playful imagination Perry has, in inventing the weird and the wonderful."

Perry's collection is expected to achieve upwards of £40,000 next month when the auction goes live. Why's he selling the cars? To free up garage space is the official line. But why?

MotorTorque's money is on a diesel-hybrid bathtub, similar to the one Compo rolled down the hill in on Last of the Summer Wine.

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