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BBC complaints as Top Gear destroys Redgrave garden

Top Gear destroys garden

The BBC has received 65 complaints from viewers upset over the Top Gear presenters destroying the garden of Sir Steve Redgrave as part of Sport Relief.

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond facelifted the garden of the Olympic Rower as part of the BBC's Sport Relief charity night, but viewers were not amused to see the amateur gardeners systematically destroy the lawn, flowerbeds and trees.

Among the litany of destruction, the Top Gear hosts blasted trees with a shotgun; set fire to a shed using a jet engine; blew up a flowerbed with dynamite; poured concrete on the lawn; dug up the lawn and deposited a digger in the resulting hole.

Redgrave subsequently arrived with a face like thunder, spurned a handshake from Clarkson and stormed inside.

Later a placated Sir Steve came outside to survey Top Gear's handiwork, only to see a turbocharged water fountain explode and crash into a greenhouse.

A BBC spokeswoman said: 'We did have the permission of Sir Steve's wife Lady Ann to film it and the garden is being restored to its former glory.'

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