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Mini posts cans of spam in apology for email blunder

Mini has a global reputation for being a little bit different.

But its latest off-the-wall scheme has left thousands of American motorists scratching their heads as they received cans of Spam and duct tape through the post.

The American branch of Mini was left red-faced last week after an email blunder sent hundreds of messages to motorists on its mailing list.

The spam faux pas didn't sit too well with the majority. So, to apologise, staff at Mini have written a personal apology and sent it to those affected alongside a batch of chocolate roses, a can of Spam and... er... a roll of duct tape.

We haven't got a clue what the duct tape's supposed to represent, but chocolate roses wrapped inside a 'WE'RE SORRY' box is a very nice touch.


The note itself reads:

"Dear …,

Last week you received some emails from us. Hundreds of emails, in some cases. While we love staying in touch, this was unintentional.

A server went haywire and the technical glitch has been fixed, but we wanted to make up for any hassle we might have caused.

Nothing says "I'm sorry" quite like flowers and chocolate, so we've combined the two and enclosed a chocolate rose.

But if you're allergic to flowers (or chocolate), we hope this duct tape will help fix things up.

Or, if you're ever feeling annoyed again, you can de-stress using this particularly squeezable can of spam.

Again, our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.

Motor on,

The MINI Team"


The images which were posted on popular photo-sharing service imgur by a recipient also show a note that says "We'd love to reconnect. If you'd like to link-up with us again, just visit miniusa.com/sorry."

Our opinion? Classy customer service from one of the world's favourite motoring brands.

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