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'Chicken' stars in new Mercedes-Benz advert

'Chicken' stars in new Mercedes-Benz advert

As far as advertisements go, this one certainly rules the roost. Mercedes-Benz has teamed up with some feathered-friends to deliver an eggs-ellent TV commercial. What the cluck?

Chicken puns aside, this certainly is one of the best automotive ads we have come across. The wackier the better we always say and Mercedes-Benz has managed to hit the nail on the head with this potentially-viral video.

Advertising its ‘Magic Body Control’, the marque’s adaptive suspension system, Mercedes’ funny video, simply titled ‘Chicken’, displays a number of our beaky-buddies keeping their heads still while disembodied hands take control of their bodies – making them do the funky chicken.

The comical video shows that a chicken can keep its head in one position while its body is being moved – a metaphor for the stability of a Mercedes model equipped with ‘Magic Body Control’.

Mercedes-Benz calls ‘Magic Body Control’ it’s “first suspension system with ‘eyes’" and has incorporated the system in its 2014 S-Class model.

When driving the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the model can detect road surface undulations in advance.

By using ‘Road Surface Scan’, the system can detect unevenness by the use of a stereo camera in the windscreen, before ‘Magic Body Control’ sets up the active suspension before the car reaches the situation.

If you feel like a good laugh, check out the funny advert below.


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