Motoring Jargon

If you don’t know your HDI from your e-HDI, then the MotorTorque car jargon page can help explode some myths, clarify some acronyms and explain some of the bread and butter terms associated with new cars.

The MotorTorque car jargon page is a simple tool that’s ideal if you’re looking for the definition of a word, term, phrase or acronym that keeps cropping up in your new car search.

Use the letters or numbers on the MotorTorque car jargon page to navigate to the troublesome word or phrase and then select it from the list below.There’s a ‘see also’ section to the MotorTorque car jargon pages as well and that offers up links to related or similar words from our jargon archive.

If the word or phrase you’re after isn’t covered in the current raft of MotorTorque car jargon words then feel free to suggest your own word.

We’ll then give your word or phrase a definition and put it into the MotorTorque car jargon pages.

Simply click on the links below to see each definition.