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Jaguar and Land Rover profitable in 2007 report Tata

Jaguar and Land Rover saw profit in 2007 say Tata

Jaguar and Land Rover both turned a

profit in 2007, according to new owners Tata Motors who bought the British

marques from Ford last week.

Having just got its corporate feet

behind the desks of Jaguar and Land Rover, Tata Motors has wasted no time in

wading through a stack of Ford's paperwork to discover that figures for 2007

depict that, jointly, Jaguar and Land Rover, turned over significant


Tata's man in the swiveling hot

seat – Managing Director Ravi Kant – revealed that results illustrating all four

quarters last year showed profit.

Ford never released figures for

Jaguar and Land Rover, but most industry analysts speculated that while Land

Rover turned a decent profit, Jaguar was comfortably in the red. 2006 statistics

indicated a loss of $700m for the Big Cat.

Tata recently announced $1.5bn of

investment into J-LR to plough into development of new vehicles over the next

few years. Both brands have several new models in the pipeline.

Whichever way it turns out, the

thought that should be uppermost in Tata's minds right now are how they intend

to address the concerns over emission standards, and how its new purchases are