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Infiniti Q50 to make debut at Geneva

Infiniti Q50 to make debut at Geneva

The new Infiniti Q50 sports saloon will make its European debut at the Geneva Motor Show on 5 March.

It'll be the first Infiniti to feature new powertrains for the European market. Infiniti also boasts that the Q50 is the world's first production car to feature Direct Adaptive Steering technology.

The powerful Q50 will be joined by the LE Concept, Infiniti's first 100% electric car, and triple World Champion Sebastian Vettel's Formula One model.

Looking to take the European premium class sector by storm, the new sports saloon got its global debut at Detroit in January.

Infiniti will be hoping to attract buyers who would usually consider investing in an Audi A4 or BMW 3-Series. The car will feature four-cylinder diesel and petrol engines, with more details being unveiled at the show.

The car's Direct Adaptive Steering Technology dismisses the link between the steering wheel and the front wheels, instead using a fly-by-wire system to move the steering wheel rack.

The system allows drivers to tailor the weight and feel of the car's steering to their individual preferences. The system will also include an auto-steering lane keeping assist function.

"The Infiniti Q50 is a world-class sports saloon with an engine line-up that will clearly demonstrate its intentions to be a major player within the European premium market," says Bernard Loire, Vice President, Infiniti Africa, Middle East and Europe (AMIE).

The Q50 represents a massive overhaul at Infiniti, which has recently signed a co-operation agreement with alliance partner Daimler AG.

Future models in the Infiniti range will now bear a Q for saloons and coupes, and a QX badge for crossovers and SUVs.

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