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Infiniti rejigs G37 lineup

Infiniti re-jigs G37 lineup

Infiniti - the Japanese premium brand owned by Nissan - has made some changes to their G37 range.

Most prominently, the G37's all wheel drive option - badged with a lower-case 'x' - is now selectable on a 'sportier' trim level than was available previously, at a cost of £38,979.

As with all G37 models, the new 'x S' is powered by a 3.7 litre V6, producing 320ps and hitting 62mph in six seconds, comes with additional features like larger alloy wheels and sports seats, along with a wide selection of equipment.

While this new model - with more agressive looks and red badging - is designed to make an impact, Infiniti themselves have managed anything but so far. SMMT's February figures revealed that only 42 cars from the brand's six-model range were sold in the UK over the preceding 12 months - around 900 less than closest rival Lexus, themselves selling just 1/10th of Mercedes-Benz's output.

In fairness, the network of 'Infiniti Centres' (or 'dealers', in other words) is considerably smaller than the length and breath of their rivals' coverage, with just six currently open in the UK overall - Lexus house seven more than that in Northern England alone, while Mercedes have over 10 times the number.

Similarly, with a limited number of engines - all of which particularly thirsty - the brand has somewhat shut its self out of much of the UK market. Those looking for a C200 CDI or IS220d rival will need to bypass Infiniti entirely, for example, and while the larger E-Class rivalling M is available with a diesel engine, it's more expensive, less powerful and even less efficient than its German rival.

With that said, for those who are in the market for a petrol-powered all-wheel-drive rival to Audi's S4, the G37x S does represent one of the few options available.