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Honda recalls 80,000 Civics

Honda Civic recall

Honda is to recall nearly 80,000 Civic hatchbacks in Britain due to a potential problem with faulty handbrakes.

Honda is sending out 79,000 letters to drivers of the Mark 8 Civic - manufactured between 2006 and 2007 - which is manufactured in Swindon.

There has been a long-suspected design fault with handbrakes on some models, where the handbrake will not stick if pulled while holding the release button. Honda advises drivers against do this.

Honda has offered to replace handbrakes for any customers who are unhappy.

A Honda spokesman said: 'We do apologise for any inconvenience to customers. We will be sending out letters to our customers in March and April recommending that they visit their local Honda dealer to get an improved handbrake fitted.'

“As a responsible manufacturer we felt it was important for us to inform our customers as soon as possible. We are asking customers to visit their local Honda dealer and have a new handbrake fitted free of charge. We appreciate that this is an inconvenience for customers."