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Ford cars 'cheapest to repair'

Ford cars 'cheapest to repair'

Choosing a Ford car is the best way to avoid hefty repair bills, according to a new study which named the Blue Oval as the cheapest brand to repair in the event of an accident.

The average Ford repair cost is just £223.92 according to MoneySupermarket.com, ahead of Japanese car maker Suzuki by £20.

The results will not surprise Ford car owners after the brand was named the UK's favourite in terms of sales for 2012.

Ford is also a popular choice with used car buyers with the likes of the Ford Ka and Ford Fiesta proving popular because of their low repair costs and easy availability of spare parts and experienced technicians.

Unsurprisingly, the list of cheapest car repairs was dominated by the more affordable car makers with Peugeot (average cost £251.57), Fiat (£260.25) and Skoda (261.02) making up the top five cheapest cars to repair.

Other manufacturers to make the top ten included Mercedes-owned Smart, Hyundai, Vauxhall, Citroen and Seat.

The figures highlight how buying the correct car brand can save buyers hundreds of pounds in future when it comes to repairs.

Recently, MotorTorque.com reported on a Range Rover owner who was hit with a staggering £13,000 repair bill - more than the cost of a new Ford Fiesta.

The reliability of a car and cost of repairs is often overlooked by drivers but the latest data shows the savings a driver can make by choosing a more reliable car.

The data was compiled by MoneySupermarket.com and Warranty Direct, which looked at over 50,000 insurance policies to collate a 'Reliability Index' for all of the UK's major car brands.

Based on repair costs and the frequency of mechanical breakdowns, the data shows the best and worst cars for reliability in the UK.

Despite its low repair costs, Ford could not take the overall title in the Reliability Index showing the most dependable and affordable brand.

That honour fell to Honda with a score of 30.75 (the average score is 100), with the lower the score the more reliable the car is.

Honda finished ahead of Suzuki in the list after the latter received a score of 37.67, well ahead of Toyota in third place with 53.27.

Ford finished fourth in the list with a score of 53.64, the only non-Asian car maker to appear in the top eight most reliable car brands.

The least reliable of the 35 car brands used in the survey was Land Rover with a score of 191.25, ahead of Porsche (187.50) and Jeep (167.33) at the bottom of the pile.

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