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Man creates viral slideshow to convince wife to buy Corvette

Man makes slideshow to convince wife to buy vette

A man has created a slideshow presentation to convince his wife that buying a Corvette z06 is in their best interests.

The slideshow has since gone viral. The creator outlines his vision in 13 slides, in which he highlights the car's fuel savings compared to their current model and compliments his wife's bottom.

The slideshow creator strengthens his case by peppering the slides with pictures of cats in a bid to influence his better half.

The Jeep Wrangler owner adds on the fifth slide: 'Resale Value the same. Both cars are American icons. The Corvette I'm getting is the z06. At the time, it was the most fully loaded Corvette you could get - $65k price!'.

Slide seven simply says 'Your Butt is my favourite'.

The slide was created by Roy El-Rayes, who finishes his plea with an 'I love you'.

A friend of the computer programmer from Texas posted the slideshow to popular social sharing site Reddit, with Roy, posting as 'dangerz', updating users about his progress.

Luckily the appeal appeared to have won over his wife late last week when he posted: 'For what its (sic) worth, she said yes and I'm picking it up tomorrow :].'.

People can view Roy El-Rayes' slideshow here.

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