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Caterham plans most powerful Seven ever for 2013

Caterham plans most powerful Seven ever

Caterham has decided its fastest lightweight racer, the Seven, is not fast enough and plans to release its most powerful ever model this summer.

The British-based sports car maker has announced it will be fitting a more powerful engine into its open top racer to beat the performance of its current fastest model, the Superlight R300.

The £28,000 two-seater, which at 515kg weighs half that of a new Ford Fiesta, can currently reach 60mph from standing in just 4.5 seconds and go on to reach a top speed of 124mph.

However, Caterham plans to introduce more power to the Seven to boost performance even further after admitting some customers are 'hankering after even more performance'.

The move has come about courtesy of Caterham's Technology and Innovation (CTI) consultancy which was tasked with improving the brand's best-selling Seven range for 2013.

Caterham Cars' CEO, Graham Macdonald, said: "We've long wished to bring our pan-European Seven offering in line with the more powerful cars available in the UK. With the addition to the Caterham family of CTI, we now have additional in-house capability to design and develop products that can do that.

Caterham has not revealed a name or performance statistics for the mystery new racer but insists in will slot into the Seven range when it arrives in summer 2013.

The distinctive Caterham Seven is one of the brand's most iconic cars. Famous for its kit car-like appearance and on-track performance, the car is essentially a model lifted straight from Caterham's own racing series with a few modifications to ensure it meets road regulations.

This means a sparse specification but a fearsome track-inspired driving experience for fans of the brand.

While the Caterham Seven remains a car based on the brand's racing heritage, Caterham also plans to build a road-going coupe alongside Renault under the revived Alpine name as it expands its UK operations.

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