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Prince Charles and the poison-proof BMW

Prince Charles and the poison-proof BMW

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales may have muscles on his muscles after serving in the navy and air force, but he still needs extreme protection.

Which is probably why, according to reports, Scotland Yard is busy testing an armour-plated BMW for the Duke of Cornwall to ward off any potential attacks towards him and the Duchess.

Worth approximately £300,000, the BMW 760 will be clad with removable bulletproof windscreens and, amazingly, poison-proof measures.

An alarm detects if any poisonous gas has seeped into the car where it will automatically close the windows, fresh air vents and engage the central locking system. Breathable air will then be supplied to Charles and Camilla via an oxygen system.

Also fitted will be an assault alarm that will extinguish fires found under the chassis and in the engine bay.

Hidden microphones and speakers will allow royals inside the car to talk to people outside without them having to open the windows.

And, if the Duchy Originals founder should ever worry about a Robert De Niro 'Casino' moment, the car is fitted with a remote ignition system that lets the car be started from as far away as 150 yards if a bomb is suspected to be wired to the starter system.

Included is an anti-kidnap device. Should the royals find themselves at the mercy of a rogue chauffer, police can unlock the car remotely so Charles and Camilla can escape.

Technical experts have already described the car as an "über-technical land yacht." The BMW 760 is one of the most secure cars in the world, according to the manufacturer, and is reportedly as safe as President Obama's Cadillac One.

Scotland Yard is apparently looking to lease or purchase at least two of the cars later this year, though that's yet to be confirmed by the force.

Dai Davies, a former head of royal protection at Scotland Yard, is quoted in The Independent as saying: "This is best security car of its kind and in my view the police should be using it because they couldn't countenance another attack like the one during the student riots.

"If you're going to spend millions on protecting the royals then it seems nonsensical not to have to the right equipment."

Camilla was poked through the window of the royal Rolls-Royce in 2010 with a wooden pole by student fees protesters at the Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium.

The car was also hit by paint bombs whilst demonstrators shouted "Off with their heads."

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