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New sound logo for BMW revealed

New sound logo for BMW revealed

What is the sound of driving pleasure? The roar of a V8 engine? The throb of an F1 car? If you are BMW it is actually a new melody produced for its latest UK adverts.

The sound, featuring two bass tones, will replace the traditional 'double gong' used in BMW adverts since the late 1990s in all future BMW adverts, the brand has announced.

From the middle of this month the sound will be used on all TV and radio adverts and will be used worldwide alongside the 'Ultimate driving machine' tagline.

According to BMW: 'The melody is introduced by a rising, resonant sound and underscored by two distinctive bass tones that form the sound logo's melodic and rhythmic basis.'

Sounding more like a sound used on an advert for computer hardware, the sound has been composed to appeal to a wide variety of different markets for the manufacturer as it takes on a more global approach.

The brand also insists the new sound represents 'sheer driving pleasure' and, more importantly, helps to separate BMW from other brands with their own signature noise such as Mercedes and Audi.

According to Sound designer Thomas Kisser of HASTINGS media music, who helped create the sound: 'It was a very intensive process and a wonderfully exciting challenge right from the start.

'The questions I asked myself at the outset were: What does the BMW brand sound like to me? Which sound themes represent the values I associate with BMW, such as Sheer Driving Pleasure, aesthetic appeal and power?'

The new sound will be used at the end of an advert for the new BMW 4 Series Coupe, the three-door addition to the BMW range alongside the standard four-door BMW 3 Series saloon.

Longer and lower than the 3 Series, the 4 Series Coupe was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this year and will go on sale in the UK in September.

A convertible version and a more practical BMW 4 Series GT will arrive next year to expand the range to three body styles.

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