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BMW designs 42-wheel car after four-year-old fan's plea

BMW designs 42-wheel car after four-year-old fan's

This 42-wheel drive, 8,721bhp BMW is one of the craziest concept cars in recent years but it was designed by the German brand itself at the request of a four-year old fan.

When Eli, a four-year-old petrolhead, asked his uncle Ben to design him a dream car the duo turned to US car community Jalopnik for help.

While readers of the site rendered their own cars from the outlandish criteria, the BMW marketing department were busy crafting their own creation.

In what is one of the cleverest marketing ploys of the year, BMW USA has created the '4219ELi' for Eli after he specified only a BMW would do for his dream car.

The car meets all of Eli's criteria including 42 wheels (three per axle) and 19 engines split between two engine bays.

This means 'massive' air intakes and a motorsport-themed spoiler are required on the new creation to cope with nearly 9,000bhp.

BMW has also added a toy trunk complete with its own air vent, a custom vanity plate and the traditional kidney-shaped BMW grille.

And, if Eli wants to nip into the toy trunk to play, one of two friends can take over the driving thanks to a unique three-driver setup giving each their own steering wheel.

After creating the car, the marketing department promised to pass on the designs to the product department - although prices could be a particular stumbling block for Eli. Perhaps he had better get saving now...

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