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BMW builds 7 Series luxury gondola

It may be cold, but it's not THAT cold...

BMW has designed a luxury ski gondola that features leather seats, massage technology and more in its 7 Series-inspired, Austrian-based ski lift.

People staying in Hochzillertal-Kaltenbach will be able to use the gondola as part of a 150 Euro specialist luxury package. 26 Euros less than a standard two-day pass at the resort, buyers get two-day lift tickets for two people and queue privileges.

"The interior comes from BMW Individual - comprising of leather seats with an integrated massage function and a multimedia system from the BMW 7 limousine series," says the manufacturer.

Though a gondola appears to be an odd choice for something to commission, it actually appears to be a shrewd business move by BMW to make potential customers more aware of the brand.

High-quality ski resorts attract a number of people on an annual basis, and creating a ski gondola with the interior of one of its luxury cars will give people first-hand experience of sitting in a luxury BMW model over the course of two days.



It's not uncommon for manufacturers to advertise their luxury cars at luxury ski resorts, and BMW's ultra-modern design should help leave a lasting impression on a number of wealthy skiers this winter.

It's not unusual for major manufacturers to diversify and try their technologies in other areas, either. Mercedes-Benz has recently revealed a motor yacht called 'Granturismo' at the Monaco Yacht Show in September.

Again, the technology featured is lifted from a number of high-performance and luxury Mercedes-Benz cars. Due on the yacht market in 2013, the Granturismo promises to be one of the most phenomenal boats to sail the seas and has been created by its Silver Arrows Marine division.

Mercedes-Benz has also expanded into helicopters, furniture and more.

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