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The Walking Dead - Hyundai Chop Shop


After hearing that Hyundai had launched an app that allows you to customise one of its vehicles into a zombie apocalypse killing machine... we just had to try it out for ourselves.

Those who haven't already been whooshed away in the tidal wave of obsession circulating the TV series 'The Walking Dead', all you need to know is that the television show is a zombie survival series that follows numerous characters attempting to stay alive throughout a zombie apocalypse.

Before you try and work out the correlation between Hyundai and a zombie apocalypse, first let us explain a few things.

Hyundai sponsors The Walking Dead, a relationship that was celebrated in the 100th issue of the comic based zombie epic with a Hyundai Elantra Zombie Survival Machine slapped on the front cover. This vehicle was later built and revealed at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con on July 11th, 2012.

The teams that brought you the first Hyundai Elantra zombie car (Future US, The Walking Dead and, of course, Hyundai) teamed up a second time for this year's San Diego Comic-Con, unveiling the Veloster Zombie Survival Machine.

So, where do you go from there? An app allowing you to create your own zombie killing vehicle maybe? Well Hyundai did exactly that. You can now download 'The Walking Dead Chop Shop' app and create your own zombie survival car. How cool is that?

I thought I would give it a go.

First you are welcomed by "Your only hope of surviving the zombie apocalypse lies within". Eerie much?

Then you are given the option of three vehicles: Hyundai Veloster, Hyundai Sante Fe or the Hyundai Elantra - each vehicle carrying different ratings for defence, offence, speed and stealth.

I opted for the Santa Fe, based on the fact that it is an SUV and therefore less likely to get trampled on by brain-feeders.

Hyundai Sante Fe before being 'zombified' Hyundai Sante Fe before being 'zombified'

With 5000 points in the kitty, I started to customise my Sante Fe, with everything from a roof mounted machine gun to Titanium body armour, and a rear mounted automatic shotgun to a custom racing stripe paint job - so at least I can go out in style.

Preparing my Sante Fe for the zombie apocalypse Preparing my Sante Fe for the zombie apocalypse

After flooding the SUV with weapons and armour, I was then offered the chance to name my vehicle.

Naturally I called mine 'Zombie soup'.

Hyundai Sante Fe 'Zombie soup' Hyundai Sante Fe 'Zombie soup'

A few of us in the MotorTorque team had a go at designing our own. Here is a few of them:

'Feed Me Brains' and 'Dead Set' 'Feed Me Brains' and 'Dead Set'

After finishing your vehicle, you then have the chance to submit your zombie car design into a competition, with the winning entry being chosen for production. The chosen vehicle will then be unveiled at the 2013 New York Comic-Con in October.

Although a little outlandish, it is a great bit of fun by Hyundai. The MotorTorque team thoroughly enjoyed it.

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