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Folly Friday: Pier pressure, billboard wars, car badges through the years

This week German billboard wars hot up, the usual collection of absurdities and classic manufacturer badges through the ages.

End of the Pier show

Why not take your daughter on a sightseeing tour of Scotland by car? Be sure to get a good view of the the pier at South Queensferry.

That's exactly what Robert Wilson did, only he didn't stop there. He plunged 15 feet into the Firth of Forth in a particularly up-close-and-personal spot of sightseeing. No-one was hurt, but Mr Wilson pride was presumably somewhat dented, and soggy.

BMW versus Audi, Stage 2

As we mentioned the other day, BMW and Audi have been taking pot shots at each other via the medium of billboards in the US of A.

Since that time Audi head office has found time to reply with a rather baffling reply to BMW's Checkmate.

The background to all of this is Audi threatening the pre-eminence of BMW and Mercedes in the premium segments. Cue much more bitching, before they're done.

Even better than most of the proper entries is Jalopnik readers' forays into designing their own billboards.

BMW Audi billboard

Germany - where the Autobahns are paved with gold

If you're testing a convertible with the roof down and happen to have €30K on your passenger seat in an envelope, try to make sure there's something to prevent your cash flying all over the motorway.

The thought of cash blowing around the hallowed tarmac of Germany may be too much for dedicated petrol heads to resist.

Autobahns have no upper speed limit, so are a popular destination for boy racers to see if they can get their Type Rs up to 146mph.

And finally...car badges through the years

Some absolutely fascinating stuff from Neatorama, who have a feature on car badges through the years.

Classic Audi badges