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Bentley to unveil new biofuel model at Geneva

Bentley to unveil new biofuel model at Geneva

Bentley has released an image of a new biofuel-powered model, due to go on display in Geneva come March, that it hopes will pave the way for an alt-fuel future for the luxury car-maker.

Bentley says the models will constitute the fastest, most powerful production Bentley ever, delivering 'supercar' performance and running completely on biofuel.

Unlike most other manufacturers who have thrown their weight behind hybrid, electric and hydrogen technology, Bentley is ploughing ahead with its plans to run future models on biofuels.

Biofuels swiftly fell out of favour in 2008 when stories emerged about rainforest and carbon-sink clearance, food production disruption and the dubious CO2-saving credentials of first-generation biofuels.

But Bentley says that second-generation biofuels will be more sustainable. The result seems to be a Continental-based model from the sole image released thus far. Intriguingly the image downloaded from Bentley's site is called 'Victoria_front'.

Bentley made a commitment to introduce renewable fuels across its entire range by 2012, amounting to a cut of 40 per cent in CO2 emissions, based around incorporating FlexFuel powertrains – engines that can use either biofuel or gasoline.

To back up its case the Crewe-based luxury car-maker has released a ‘Bentley and the Future of Biofuels’ document, hailing biofuel as a clean and sustainable fuel source.