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Audi UK appoints new marketing chief

Audi UK appoints new marketing chief

Dominic Chambers has joined Audi UK as its head of marketing replacing Philip Olden who had been covering the position on a temporary basis.

Chambers joins Audi’s UK team after more than 22 years working as a marketing specialist for major blue chip brands including Vodafone and LG with the German manufacturer believing his technological expertise will benefit a brand famed for its ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ (‘Advancement through Technology’) slogan.

Chambers joins Audi at a vital time with the manufacturer currently boasting its largest ever model range of 36 and this is set to grow again to 42 models over the next couple of years.

Chambers commented on his appointment: "This is a tremendous opportunity to further develop the impressive and strong Audi brand by deploying strategic communication campaigns.

“I am looking forward to making my contribution to the exciting progress Audi is making in all areas, especially in the ways customers experience and interact with the brand."

Audi UK Director, Jeremy Hicks, is equally pleased with the appointment citing Chambers’ experience with global brands and technology as a major asset to the company which sold nearly 100,000 cars in the UK alone last year.