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Alfa Romeo GT Coupe

Alfa Romeo GT Coupe

We say

Good all-round package – if rather oddball and hard to place in a sector – but not up to the quality of German rivals.


Great 1.9-litre turbodiesel provides refined power at good fuel economy. 3.2 petrol is a fast, noisy beast if you can find one.


Not the best, some of those old Alfa Romeo diesels are rather chuggy, but the diesel is the best option in terms of economy – offering 45mpg combined.


Something of a curate’s egg. Traction isn’t the strongest when cornering, but the limited-slip diff on Q2 models helps. Steering is rather vague too.


Cruising is where the GT feels strongest, while the 3.2 will be raspily pleasing when accelerating.


Space upfront is fine but it's a push in the back – the Alfa GT really defying its exterior size. Think of the GT as a coupe and you’ll be surprised at the boot- and passenger space; think of it as a saloon – which it mostly resembles – and you’ll be disappointed.


Plenty of kit on every model; standard trim on the Alfa GT includes dual-zone climate control and alloy wheels.


Go for a diesel for lower depreciation, tax, insurance and fuel economy. Go for a petrol for none of these things.


Not that convincing from a quality point of view, with cheap-looking materials inside. Alfas usually depreciate quickly and have question marks over their reliability.


Six airbags, stability and traction control as standard makes for generous standard safety kit on the Alfa GT.


Looks good and provides a good drive.


Misses out in comparison with rivals.


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